Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nuclear Power- the hidden infinite deficit creator of health of all life and India's and the world's finances-Shun it.



New Delhi, December 27, 2012





bring down 

fiscal deficit’


What a pain! There are people who do not do their homework and impose unsustainable, filthy, uncivic modern civilization down our throats causing unbearable health deficits even irrepairable on all life. Nuclear power programmes cost society infinity because from year to year they consume energy from society than giving it. And over their lifetime they consume five or more times the energy they deliver. How can you ever bring down deficit financing with the omnipresent shortage of energy so created? Also the nukes require 100 percent safety, otherwise unbearable irreversible catastrophes like Chernobyl, Fukushima keep recurring. Nukes do not allow human beings because they are fallible. And you want to increase the price of fossils? Foolishness is at the height of policy: The rape of mother earth, thy name is modern civilization. Save a trillion dollars of unnecessary spending by stopping nukes. Subsidy, infinite subsidy to nukes is turning us into paupers,hungry to go normal.WAKE UP!

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