Monday, December 24, 2012

The Unique feature of 100% safety requirement demanded by nucular power!
In nuclear fuel cycle No failures are allowed. And Chernobyl was a failure. Why did you allow Chernobyl? Why did you allow Narora? Why did you allow Three Mile Island where by breakfast time from 402 AM more than half the core was allowed to be melted. Learn thou that nuclear power requires 100% safety unlike other machines but can never be attained (1). Human being is not allowed by nukes because they want infallibility. Not understanding this man continued into Fukushima where they are incinerating nuclear waste creating exposure to 300 mSv/y instead of  not more than 0.1 mSv/y for the general public(3). Ignorance in action is the hallmark of modern civilization(hereafter referred to as mc). Await now another Fukushima(Three meltdowns and recriticalities of nukes in the open and the tragedy of open fuel pools: A billion infant mortalities due to Fukushima in India alone expected(4)). We are being converted to nuclear wastes. Putin and all of us in this world must embrace a normal civilization to survive in health. Is it too late? If it is then his going back or not matters not. What a waste. Even way back in 1908, in Hind Swaraj, Mahatma Gandhi warned us of the consequences of the cumulative effects of mc. And wanted us to use our endowment of living energy, live where we work, produce goods and services in synchrony with needs and show a human face. Dont tell me that you have already spent Rs 25000 Cr(1 Cr= 10^7) on trash and therefore the trash must be saved so we can become one with it. Way back in 1986 in May, I put up an energy audit of nukes in a leader article in Prajavani, the Kannada Newspaper published by the Deccan Herald Group, telling that from year to year nuclear power programmes only consume more than they deliver (2). Why was this not debated?


1. ‘Oyster Creek proximity to New York poses threat during flooding’ - Prof. Busby

2. The energy audit of the Indian Nuclear Programme.

3. Report from Japan: Radioactive fallout around Fukushima incineration plant being hidden — “It’s very odd” (VIDEOS)  


4.nuclear fuel cycles cause extinction


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james gibson said...

with fuk-u-shima more than a year has went by. & so far multiple core melts, containment breach, fuel pool failure, resulting in a constant flow of radioisotopes in the atmosphere, and ocean. Oh yeah and reactor 4 could still collapse and further poisen the west coast and the world, also leaving the other reactors unaccesible to humans.
What have they done to contain it?
They threw a tarp over the one reactor that looked the most damaged and have done virtually nothing. they've dumped tons of water on the fractured cores Retrieving very little witch in turn has poisened the whole pacific ocean..
Yet the us government just rasises the safe level for rad exposure. smile and dont worry.

is it to late? for the pacific ocean coral and polar bears, seals and walruses aswell as the whole northern hemisphere... yes, it is.

yet the Goverment blames a "mysterious disease"? I call bullshit.

its like watching the planet fall apart in front of a computer screen. its equally thrilling as it is terrifying. Crazy world we live in man..