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India calls for international action to strengthen nuclear security

"Mr. Singh stressed the crucial role nuclear energy plays in achieving
the objectives of India’s sustainable economic growth."

If he is referring to the use of energy from the sun, wasted at present
he is right. As far as fission nukes go, he is far off the mark, even for
other man-made nukes he is saying which are still in the priliminary research
stages. The n-wastes for a 1 GW nuke fission  reactor require for their storage,
steel containers and maintenance for a million to a 100 million years,
6 million MW-y to 600 million MW-y of thermal energy while such a capacity nuke for
10000 reactor years produces only 6 million MW-y of electrical energy! So there is
absolutely no net output to society from such nukes. The only crucial role nukes play
in modern civilization(MC) is in MC's own destruction, referring to the fact of its
unacceptable safety features.There are a number of other grave self destructive
generic design features of nukes which can never be pretested like whether a loss of
coolant accident will be averted as hopefully expected.The khudkushi of MC does
not stop at this.Other parts of MC vie with one another to commit suicide as well as
deliver a shocking blow to nukes like the world's dams which by a nuclear effect
caused many a nuke catastrophe: the waste storage explosion and release of radioactive
plume at Kyshtym(1957),Windscale Fire(1957), the Three Mile Island 58% coremelt(1979),
Chernobyl coremelt(1986) and plume of radionuclides, the Narora Fire(1993),the
2004 Andaman-Sumatra Bay great earthquake and tsunami,Kashiwasaki Kariwa nuclear damage
and decommissioning(2007),The Fukushima explosions,triple core melt and  radioactivity
contamination and ongoing worldwide extinction process of 2011, the Kedarnath landslide
and floods(2013) the WIPP catastrophe(2013-14), the Hudhud cyclone(2014) which destroyed
Vishakapatnam and its defence bases and had the potential to melt Kovvada into many Kovas,
the Jammu Kashmir floods(2014), the Assam floods(2014) and many to come.
MC undoes life and so we must go normal and respect nature by harmonising with her.
Why there is the ready made sun waiting to unleash creativity sufficiently safely
150 million kilometers from the earth!  Instead by unleashing fission and the milllions
of terawatts powered surges of the world's dams on MC we are hurtling towards Pralaya.

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The following discussion brings out the need for being good in thought, word and deed in today's world which is being made a mess of by modern civilization:
… With Anderson dead and having escaped imprisonment, Bhopal gas leak victims continue to suffer, Ms. Bee strikes a note of caution. “The new government should think about the consequences of going head over heels to woo industry without paying sufficient attention to the poor institutional response mechanisms in the event of an environmental disaster.”


Yes, the seriousness of the contradiction between action and democratic constitutional provisions regarding gross violation of right to life and living cannot be overemphasised. This is brought out glaringly in the classic: A Dirge for the Dammed(2014) by Keerti Ramachandra,hachetteindia, which is an English translation of the Marathi classic Jhadajhadati(1992) by Vishwas Patil on the travails of commoners displaced by modern civilization and dams in particular. This brings out how the Trojan Horse of the wicked profiteers and those bad in thought, word and deed infiltrates the framework of democracy to rob and loot the country. And modern civilization itself as time and again pointed out here is built on false foundations of a society of specialists and is destroying itself through man-made designs glaringly inadequate and suicidal in trying to meet human needs. What is truly galling is the persistence of those bad in thought, word and deed over the good.The trolls here are an excellent example of the persistence of evil in governance in the face truth.Note that without dams nukes cannot supply electricity stably, which in any case, they do to themselves only, always, with none available to the society outside the nuclear industry ever. Negative efficiency, infinite costs: The 400000 MW nukes require 200000 MW hydros for stability in meeting demands,thus appropriating 100000 sqkm land between themselves with power flow of 100 million MW to give 0.2 million MW.Insanity!