Re:Valve problem hits Kudankulam nuclear power project
IANS Sep 7, 2013, 01.41PM IST
"The performance of some parts can be checked only when the power generation is increased to certain levels."
Dont you see the unpredictability of the danger?
Look at Goedel's axiom of choice: Given any set of mutually exclusive(that is, disjoint),non-empty sets(of accident elements), there exists at least one set that contains exactly one element in common with each of these disjoint sets. In other words,we can choose one element from each of these disjoint sets to make a new set which is not equivalent to any of the original disjoint sets. A new accident is sure to happen! Because the reactor plant interfaces with nature, the number of such sets which can result in a catastrophe is infinite: Your knowledge is regarding only with the known. You have excluded the dangerous unknowns! Thats why you are doing trials which are experiments- how do you know that the consequences are acceptable? Post facto you are thinking you are safeguarding against Fukushima type cats; how about the cumulative effects of the world's dams which are challenging the Himalayan peaks themselves? Please dont challenge the Lord himself and stop going ahead with extinction.