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Nuclear Power- the hidden infinite deficit creator of health of all life and India's and the world's finances-Shun it.



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bring down 

fiscal deficit’


What a pain! There are people who do not do their homework and impose unsustainable, filthy, uncivic modern civilization down our throats causing unbearable health deficits even irrepairable on all life. Nuclear power programmes cost society infinity because from year to year they consume energy from society than giving it. And over their lifetime they consume five or more times the energy they deliver. How can you ever bring down deficit financing with the omnipresent shortage of energy so created? Also the nukes require 100 percent safety, otherwise unbearable irreversible catastrophes like Chernobyl, Fukushima keep recurring. Nukes do not allow human beings because they are fallible. And you want to increase the price of fossils? Foolishness is at the height of policy: The rape of mother earth, thy name is modern civilization. Save a trillion dollars of unnecessary spending by stopping nukes. Subsidy, infinite subsidy to nukes is turning us into paupers,hungry to go normal.WAKE UP!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Unique feature of 100% safety requirement demanded by nucular power!
In nuclear fuel cycle No failures are allowed. And Chernobyl was a failure. Why did you allow Chernobyl? Why did you allow Narora? Why did you allow Three Mile Island where by breakfast time from 402 AM more than half the core was allowed to be melted. Learn thou that nuclear power requires 100% safety unlike other machines but can never be attained (1). Human being is not allowed by nukes because they want infallibility. Not understanding this man continued into Fukushima where they are incinerating nuclear waste creating exposure to 300 mSv/y instead of  not more than 0.1 mSv/y for the general public(3). Ignorance in action is the hallmark of modern civilization(hereafter referred to as mc). Await now another Fukushima(Three meltdowns and recriticalities of nukes in the open and the tragedy of open fuel pools: A billion infant mortalities due to Fukushima in India alone expected(4)). We are being converted to nuclear wastes. Putin and all of us in this world must embrace a normal civilization to survive in health. Is it too late? If it is then his going back or not matters not. What a waste. Even way back in 1908, in Hind Swaraj, Mahatma Gandhi warned us of the consequences of the cumulative effects of mc. And wanted us to use our endowment of living energy, live where we work, produce goods and services in synchrony with needs and show a human face. Dont tell me that you have already spent Rs 25000 Cr(1 Cr= 10^7) on trash and therefore the trash must be saved so we can become one with it. Way back in 1986 in May, I put up an energy audit of nukes in a leader article in Prajavani, the Kannada Newspaper published by the Deccan Herald Group, telling that from year to year nuclear power programmes only consume more than they deliver (2). Why was this not debated?


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Sunday, October 21, 2012

High Atomic Number Uranium and Thorium and the Jaduguda and Kanyakumari Tragedies

From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 35, Dated September 04, 2010
Nuclear energy. Ministries warn they are far from ready

Nuclear Liability no concern of the suppliers: The new nuclear regime

'IN THE final analysis, what is disturbing is the short shrift given to assertions by officials in the ministries of water resources, health and environment, which will be responsible for managing situations in the eventuality of a nuclear accident — that their opinions were not considered before the legislation was drafted. Consider this, even as there is vocal opposition about the final liability amount, the Environment Ministry official revealed to the Standing Committee that there had been no attempt to even define the scope of what constitutes environment — an integral requirement if environmental damage was under discussion for assessment in case of disaster. Even more disturbingly, the Health Ministry official told the Committee that her ministry is “nowhere [ready] to meet an eventuality that may arise out of nuclear and radiological emergencies”. Further, a poor response system and ill-equipped hospitals would only ensure that “mortality and morbidity... could be on a very high scale”. In fact, for a legislation that claims to focus on payment of compensation due to health impacts of radiation, there isn’t a single clause that details diseases or health care!' "

1. Nuclear power programmes are not utilitarian. They are unacceptably dangerous.
Nuclear power programmes the world over consume five or more times the energy at the busbars that they deliver at the busbars during their entire lifetime(1a). Thus it is shocking that nuclear energy is even an option the world over for meeting electricity needs. But even if it were conceded that nukes can be, the safety is utterly and absolutely unacceptable. Every nuclear reactor is, as time passes, an extinction level ongoing event. On the basis of Indian census data and Sr90 artificial isotope release data(UNSCEAR 2000) I have established that about 23 million excess infant mortalities have resulted in India alone due to nuclear activities during 1945 to 1997. All the variations of the excess infant mortalities are explained by the variations from year to year of the 477 PBq Sr90 releases in the Northern Hemisphere. Sr90 releases from Chernobyl was 8.14 PBq and this resulted according to my studies of 579200 infant mortalities excess in India alone(1c). Thus the 1200 PBq estimated to have been released by the three nuclear explosions at Fukushima from 11 March to 15 March 2011(1d) would estimate to 84 million infant mortalities in India in the years after Fukushima. And more Fukushimas are certain because of the reason why Fukushima catastrophe happened: A great earthquake of 9.0 MM magnitude, caused by the surges unleashed by the dynamic disequilibrium forces of the world's dams as they get rapidly filled up or drained.
More earthquakes of major and great magnitude would unleash more FUkushimas. And the planners will unleash more and more extinction level events by commissioning more and more Kudankulams, Jaitapurs and what not some even in the midst of cities! But energy shortages would forever continue to the glee of Gillards, corporatocracies and PMs(1b).

2.High Atomic Number Uranium and Thorium enhance background gamma ray effect by several orders of magnitude and have resulted in human tragedies at Jaduguda and Kanyakumari.
A long standing but ignored danger of perfect mass murder by nuclear energy programmes the world over and in India in particular has come to light with the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Price(!) to the EU. The EUropean Committee on Radiation Risk in its ECRR 2010 Health Risk Recommendations regarding Ionising Radiation(3) has brought out that heavy metals like Uranium 238(atomic number 92) and by implication Thorium 232(atomic number 90) cause enhancement of background gamma radiation of 500 KeV or lower energy by several orders of magnitude when lodged inside DNA. Thus continuously secondary photoelectrons are emitted by the heavy metal and these photoelectrons are like beta rays and hence highly effective in breaking dna strands and causing irrepairable cell damages without killing them. That is why we are seeing in Jaduguda(1) and in Kanyakumari monazite area(2) families affected with deadly cancer, birth defects, still births and ill health and cell damages in offspring. These internal radiation damages were explained by invoking the ICRP Recommendations based via witchcraft on external radiation model by the government authorities, saying that these effects cannot be due to the very low radiation of the radionuclides.

Even now all this nuke liability will be explained away on the basis of these false Risk Recommendations of ICRP where applicable even for internal irradiation.

3.Incorporate ECRR 2010 into Indian Law forthwith.
It is now therefore imperative to see the true risk of nuclear radiation by incorporating ECRR 2010 Risk Recommendations into Indian Law and duly the nuke liability must be revised in this light and suppliers made duly culpable not only in the case of accidents but also during normal(sic) operations.

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Uranium mines in Jharkhand are being run in total disregard of the health of workers and local communities, reports G VISHNU
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