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The culture of Jobless growth and suicide by modern civilization and life.

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Where Have All the Workers Gone?
Puzzle of Declining Labour Intensity in Organised Indian Manufacturing
Vol - L No. 23, June 06, 2015 | Kunal Sen and Deb Kusum Das
EPW. Special Articles
“India's post-reform economic development has seen a sustained decline in the labour intensity of the organised manufacturing sector, including in labour-intensive industries. This paper argues that this occurred due to an increase in the real wage to rental price of capital ratio, which, in turn, was mostly due to a fall in the relative price of capital goods. The decrease was driven by trade reforms in capital goods, and falling import tariffs on capital goods. While a fall in the relative price of capital may have led to an increase in the rate of private fixed investment in machines, and consequently, economic growth, one inadvertent consequence of the trade reforms was that they disincentivised firms from hiring labour.”

Modern civilization of the kind the authors have discussed is killing all life, human beings included.
*A recent article published in the Science Advances journal has raised
the spectacle of apocalypse with the undeniable findings of the
researchers and scientists that the earth has entered sixth mass
extinction phase. What with vertebrae vanishing at 114 times faster than
normal, humans could be among the first victims, according to it. *
( »   A.K. Verma.Saving
forests: A new strategy, Deccan Herald, July 14 2015).
So modern civilization is destroying itself and life.
Jobless growth is a well known principle of disraelish imperialism which is continuing to the present day. Could not have been the inadvert avoided? Of course it could have been. Could they have not discussed different scenarios ? How can they claim then to be sufficiently(!) infallible regarding the omnicidal nuclear energy programs? Just look at the situation they create: 1000 jobs in a nuclear power station of 1000 MW capacity. 100000 MW of nuclear capacity will thus generate 100000 jobs only! Now look at labour and its enjoyment of living energy. Note that labour is just not one dimensional labour. It is a whole human being leading life in wholesome health.
A human being generates a peak power of 40 W in comfort. To generate say pedal power of 100000 MW we require the labour and life of  2.5 billion people! And these folk can return their excreta to the places from where they got their food to survive. Thus this fertilizer again provides the food for them and hence it is of infinite efficiency and can we say zero cost?
Within this brief statement we must hound out Panagariya when he urges states to convert agriciultural land to non-agricultural land. Typical culture of suicide of modern civilization.

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