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Fast Breeder? No way.


"How does IAEA assess India ’s nuclear programme including its FBR?

India is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). India also does not want to put its fast reactors programme under IAEA safeguards. So, our cooperation in the FBR programme is very limited. So we are only discussing some safety issues. The IAEA does not support technology transfer for this and we have a limited mandate to assess the FBR programme. India is not willing to open up everything in this area. This is your national choice. We cannot force you. But after the agreement signed last year, India decided to put a large number of its PHWRs and the newly being built LWRs under safeguards as light water is supplied by foreign vendors. It is also part of the conditions of Russia, which is now helping India to put up two 1000 MW each LWRs at Koodangulam in Tamil Nadu. Besides Tarapur-I and II units are under IAEA
safeguards. You have a lot of achievements in your fast reactor technology including developing the fuel and closing the fuel cycle. We note a lot of these achievements in India’s indigenous nuclear power
programme. In principle, it looks your safety system is solid. Yet, there is scope for improvement."


How about the security of life due to nuclear projects?
Nuclear energy programmes are a crime against all life for all time, applying the precautionary principle. While the nuclear industry serving pre DNA era International Commission on Radiological Protection(ICRP) Safety Regulations say uranium is harmless regarding its radioactivity because of its long half life of 4.5 billion years, ECRR 2010 says the following after research: In the case of conventional estimates of risk from internal Uranium, which essentially compare it with external doses, the errors are arguably greater than for any other material. There is now sufficient evidence to treat Uranium aerosols as if they had infinite biological
effectiveness. The Committee therefore believes that using a risk factor to assess causality in Uranium-exposed populations or individuals should be done with extreme caution, even if that risk factor has been
modified by application of a weighting that approximates observation.. If a disease or condition or genetic heritable effect of any kind is seen to increase after exposure to Uranium, causality should not be ruled out whatever the dose differential between a population before and after the exposure, or between exposed populations relative to unexposed controls(p 162). And the Indian AERB follows ICRP Regulations!
Infinite biological effectiveness of internal uranium means we must essentially leave uranium deep inside the ground and not technologically enhance its hazard. India must stop going nuclear NOW. And the nuclear fuel cycle consumes much much more energy and electricity than it ever delivers to society outside the nuclear industry during its entire lifetime. The show case of extinction which gives absolutely no room for nuclear projects anywhere is modern civilization's cumulative effects-read Fukushima triple meltdown and the full exposure of the biosphere to all the uranium and its fission products. STOP NUKES NOW WORLDWIDE BOTH FOR PEACE AND DEFENCE.
Fast Breeder is not immune to the requirement of 100 percent safety because it is also generically nuclear.
The 9.3 MM magnitude damquake of 26 December 2004 nearly destroyed Kalpakkam. We dont want this suicidal policy in the wake of the world's dams winning the battle of this self destructive madness in full extinction gear. Stop! We want to live! Have a look at what how the dams displaced Banda Ache and by 
 induction, Andamans and Kalpakkam:
THE EVIL MANTHAN IN ACTION BANDA ACEH(Right Click on the Image and in the popup click on view image):

THE EVIL MANTHAN IN ACTION KALPAKKAM(Right Click on the Image and in the popup click on view image)

Compare these dances with the Fukushima displacements(Right Click on the Image and in the popup click on view image):

No wonder Kalpakkam was almost destroyed! Only dame luck was on Kalpakkam's side. Next Kalpakkam may melt with these hydrolectricks! Retreat now and embrace the normal.

Modern Civilization is destroying itself and life heralding extinction. Take action now to veer towards the normal.
Its not fast breeder but the forest that is the solution and a new way of life that practices production, consumption and RETURN.
The Gita says:
From food creatures become;
From rain is the production of food;
Rain comes from return;
Return from action;
Action from the all embracing integrality(Brahma) of true knowledge application;
True knowledge from the All transcending Unknowable;
Therefore Brahma is ever present in Return;
Those who disregard this wheel of life
Are living for themselves
And will be destroyed. 

See in this connection:
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See also the uranium enrichment facility at Chitradurga is to meet the entire requirements of the country according to the official quoted in this link:
Karnataka actually can be translated as Black Drama!


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