Sunday, October 27, 2013

Modern Civilization commits suicide with nukes.

These irreversible decisions as to the go ahead for the nuclear programme is against the welfare of the people and the planet as evidenced by studies of the energy audit of the indian nuclear programme as well as its safety audit. Also a scientific review of the Safety Regulations followed(ICRP 2007) by the nuclear industry and nuclear nations shows that the ICRP Regulations are witchcraft and not based on science in contrast to the realistic ECRR 2010 Health and Safety Regulations. This is putting nuclearised nations and others on an extinction trajectory and this may happen within a decade. This is aided by the self destructive cumulative effects of modern civilization like those caused by the dams of the world. Because of the adverse effects of the audits, more and more ultramegawatt thermal plants and dams would be built so that the grid supply remains stable but at the cost of nuclear explosions as happened at Fukushima nuclear park. At Fukushima because of a great earthquake caused by the dams of the world, by a nuclear effect of the dams, three cores amounting to 2028 MW disappeared without a trace after melting. And the Sr-90 released by such an exposure to the earth is poisoning the earth annually to an extent of 13 times the annual 2011 live births of India of more than 28 million. Thus the safety of the planet has already been irrevocably exceeded many fold by one Fukushima. The cumulative effects of the self destructive modern civilization is sure to result in many more Fukushimas. Avoid extinction. Release the wasteful expenditure on nukes and their insurance and liability for using the funds for making life's habitat livable with people enjoying their living energy to the brim forever, instead of all life becoming nuclear wastes.Let truth prevail, not falsehood, the foundation of modern civilization.

The framers of the Nuclear Liability Act have taken vital inputs from many and that is why the truth about nuclear energy programmes stares both suppliers and operators in the face. The people of India but have to bear the insurmountable costs of the nuclear infinite involuntary burden thrust on them. Many feel some vested interests at the highest echelons of office because of compulsions on them are going the whole hog on the nuclear programme however unjustifiable it may be. The truth about nuclear programmes for those who have done their homework is clear. There is absolutely no energy to be had from them(See energy audit of the indian nuclear programme). The safety audit also shows that the nuclear safety problem is insoluble, even assuming any small degree of risk because of human fallibility.The assumed degree of risk will always be exceeded because one cannot foresee the state of the nuclear components with time because they are in constant interaction with other man-made interventions into nature(example the World's dams) in INFINITE NUMBER OF WAYS. Because of generic requirements of nuclear fuel cycles there will always a new set of accident elements which are outside the design basis sets of accident elements. I feel the vested interests are fully aware of this infinitely costly limitation of nuclear fission processes and that is why the slippery behaviour of the concerned regarding the implementation of the nuclear programme. They want to pass the infinite cost to the people of India and elsewhere without exception. Fukushima is such an example as well as all the preceding catastrophes. Indian and other concerned people worldwide must sense the extinction process set in motion by all the nuclear catastrophes so far including NORMAL operation of nukes and desist from the nuclear programme now.

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