Monday, June 13, 2016


Re: US firm, NPCIL to set up 6 nuclear reactors in India
Agreement on setting up the reactors to be the major outcome of PM Modi's scheduled US visit.

As a nuclear energy program progresses, the energy and the emergy consumed by the construction shows that the energy delivered to society outside the nuclear program is negative. That is the program goes on demanding energy from year to year and even after thirty years no net energy is given to society outside the nuclear industry. The demands are met by thermal and hydro energy. The hydro energy is also required during normal reactor operations because nuclear reactors supply only fixed base loads as nuclear generation cannot be varied from instant to instant and the variations must be met by dams. But these changes in reservoir contents add up from one moment to another to huge total change which appears at the centre of gravity of the reservoir contents behind the world's dams. These huge changes exert bending water moment surges ALL ROUND THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY OF THE WATER MASSES at many many points of the earth. Fortuitously this results in an earthquake at a particular point at a particular time and the whole water moment change is felt at this point for a fleeting moment which may be milliseconds to seconds. The dynamics makes the dam surges travel from one earthquake point to another. During this process the full surge would be felt at a fortuitous location on the earth, which may happen to be a nuclear reactor as it happened at Fukushima, which is breeding extinction through the three melted reactor cores deep inside the earth/ groundwaters by exposing its fissioned radionuclides to the biosphere. Similarly the bending moments of dam contents are causing direct heating up of the earth resulting in cloudbursts, flash floods, landslides every hydrological cycle causing climate change! Its not just the greenhouse gases! Kakrapar came several times near this because of the crippling blows delivered by the dam surges and publicity about this and about similar blows to Kudankulam made the citizens at Mithi Virdi in Gujarat force the government to build a hasty retreat from locating nukes there,that is, from Gujarat to Andhra Pradesh- to Srikakulam which however experienced a deadly cyclone last year! Moorkhapaddhati!

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