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"The two countries plan to cooperate on building higher capacity nuclear reactors."
enenews 16 Oct 2014:
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PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO)
This is part of the ongoing Fukushima extinction which was caused by the great 9 MM damquake on March 11 2011 resulting in triple core melt and their disappearance.
See the nuclear effect in causing earthquakes at
All this great uranium hunt for what purpose:
The wastes produced by a 1000 MW capacity of this plant for 10000 reactor-years of operation would require enough power for the construction and maintenance of successive 100 yr surface storage facilities for a period of a million years. This power is 6 million MWt-yr of energy. But this is the energy in the form of electricity produced by the 1000 MW nuclear plant operating for 10000 reactor-years of operation at 600 MW-yr per year. Thus the net energy output will be zero! If the plant cost X billion dollars, then the net cost per unit is infinity! Why should our progeny pay for costs incurred in useless actions by the subsidised profiteers? This is true of Fukushima as well.
See energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles by google search.
The link:
There is no pure reason for the non-harmonised.
Modern civilization is destroying itself making life unaffordable. Look at Vizag destruction incurred by Hudhud which could have shattered Kovvada nuclear park into several melts: The power into the Hudhud was 400000 terawatts by the dynamic instantaneous cumulative simultaneous action by the change  in the reservoir contents of all the world's dams as happened in Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Windscale, Kyshtym, WIPP and as will perforce happen  in future in many more Fukushimas to come. We must phase out the arrogant self destructive modern civilization's society of specialists and replace  it with the normal which returns everything taken from mother earth. Those who disregard return and the wheel of life are living for themselves and surely are being destroyed! The sun is having a hearty laugh and intrigued that the forests are vanishing fast into extinction, forests created by the sun. Living energy enjoyment with a firm ecological base where true knowledge is applied, is the future. True knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives,in the separate the one inseparable. We will be saved only if we Reforest Mother Earth to Live!(Google search).
God made the tree through which we enjoy the fusion energy of the extraterrestrial wonder, the sun situated at 150 million kilometers from the earth. But now even the sun may be reacting to the terrible effects of the world's dams. Therefore apply the precautionary principle, stop building dams and examine the glaring lacunae in their design for meeting water needs.
Reforest Mother earth to Live!
17 October 2014

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